Boom! Snicker, Snicker: Spy vs. Spy Comes To The iPhone

If you were a gamer from a simpler era, you’ll remember Spy Vs. Spy with nostalgia. The game, based on the Mad Magazine comic, featured two spies trying to collect items in an embassy while booby trapping desks, doors, and safes for the other player to trip over.

The mechanics are simple. As the black or white spy, you move through the rooms looking for a secret briefcase, a key, a passport, and some traveling money. If you chance upon your opponent you can club him (or her) into submission and you can trap almost every door, drawer, and safe. The new game includes online and local multiplayer as well as new embassies for you to skulk through. You can disarm traps using various tools at your disposal.

Best of all, the game comes in Retro and Modern versions, allowing you to play it in its full C64 or Atari 800XL glory. Mad’s Alfred E. Neuman gives you pointers as you learn the ropes.

The app costs 99 cents right now and if you still remember the sly snicker of the black spy as the white spy is blown sky high, it’s well worth the investment.

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