Google Gets Scientific, Adds A Voice-Enabled 34-Button Calculator To Desktop And Mobile Search

Oh Google. Sometimes you’re so awesome.

Google search has long featured a built-in calculator function but a recent update added a fully functional 34-button scientific calculator. Previously, when a user entered, say, 2+2, Google would simply display the sum above the search result. Now, when that equation is entered into the search bar, the answer pops up along with the new calculator. Best of all, this works in mobile browsers and voice search, too.

This isn’t a stripped down calculator, either. It’s a full-power, voice-enabled scientific calculator with nearly all the functions of a tangible model. Plus, it doesn’t require two AAA batteries. A Google Product Manager pointed out in this post’s comments that the scientific functions appear when the phone is rotated to be viewed in a landscape mode.

This calculator even works with Desktop Voice Search. Simply click the little mic icon and state the equation; it works with both “what is the square root of 30?” and “square root of 30.” Or, to launch the calculator itself, say “calculator”. It seems to stumble on long, complex equations (or maybe I’m saying them wrong), but in the right situation, this voice-powered calculator could be rather valuable.

This is just Google’s latest addition to its nerdy toolbox. The search bar already performed graphing functions. Now, with Google, Wolfram Alpha, and the sheer number of apps out there, there really isn’t any excuse for not being able to finish your math homework.