Apple Shipped 1.3M Apple TVs In Q3 2012, Still Calls It A Hobby

“We are not going to keep products around we don’t believe in,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook in regards to the Apple TV on today’s earnings call. He also stated that Apple still considers the product a hobby although Apple keeps at the project because they stated “it will lead us [Apple] somewhere.”

Apple is very happy with Apple TV’s growth. The company shipped around 4 million so far during this fiscal year with 1.3 million units over the third quarter — not so bad for a hobby.

In many ways Apple TV is the missing link between Apple’s portables and the living room. It brings iTunes to the big screen but also, through the magic of Airplay, allows iPhone and iPad owners to quickly and easily stream content to the Apple TV. But for many, this little box is not enough.

A true Apple TV, an Apple HDTV if you will, has been rumored for sometime but Apple has been very quiet on its development. Like many companies, Apple tends to develop early and wait for the right time to release it in the wild. Apple could be waiting on the right content or hardware deals. But Cook’s statement seems to indicate something is in the pipeline. The Apple TV is likely leading Apple into the living room.