Apple Retail: 372 Stores, 123 Of Them Outside The U.S. $4.1B In Sales In Q3

In today’s Q3 earnings, Apple noted some strong increases in its retail operations, amid some other pressures in overall sales and numbers. Retail sales were up three percent in terms of Mac units, to 791,000 units, and $4.084 billion in revenue. That was a rise of three percent in terms of units, and 17 percent in revenue compared to the same quarter a year ago.

In the conference call, CFO Peter Oppenheimer noted that half of the sales in retail were to people who had never owned a mac before.

Apple now has 372 stores, 123 outside the U.S., Oppenheimer said.

Those stores saw foot traffic of 813 million  visitors, or 17,000 visitors per store, per week. The average revenue per store was $11.1 million, and overall there was a 12% increase in store visitors during the quarter.

This is a rise on sales from June 2012, when the company had 363 stores worldwide. Sales in 2011 were US$16 billion.