Kickstarter: FLASHr Wants To Make The iPhone’s Bezel A Massive Notification Light

Putting fanboy bias away for a minute, I think we can all agree that the iPhone is an amazing device. But it’s not perfect. Chief among my criticisms is the lack of a true notification light rather than just the LED camera flash. This Kickstarter project aims to fix Apple’s oversight.

The FLASHr is simply an iPhone case that supercharges the LED flash notification. Using a so-called Glow Frame, the LED flash illuminates several sides of the case, making the notification impossible to miss no matter how the phone is oriented. Spouses and dates will no doubt love this case. Owners will never miss a text message, email or call again!

As explained on Kickstarter, the case is essentially made of three layers with an additional small part that reflects the LED flash onto the large glow frame. Each layer is available in five colors, resulting in 125 possible color combinations.

The company is looking for a hefty $75,000 in pre-orders and as of this post’s writing, is currently at $1,500 with 35 days to go. Something this cool needs to be funded. Pledge $35 for one of six color combinations– my money went to the SilverFox. Drop down $50 for a slick special edition that uses a clear outer frame.