LocalResponse Teams Up With ShopLocal For In-Store Mobile Ads

LocalResponse co-founder and CEO Nihal Mehta has been talking about the potential of using social data to target ads — after all, that’s what his company focuses on. Today we’ve got a specific example of what retailers can do with that data.

LocalResponse is partnering with ShopLocal, a company whose SmartCircular product helps retailers (including Target, Best Buy, and Home Depot) bring their print catalogs and advertising circulars online. Until now, SmartCircular has been a desktop-only product, but with the new partnership, it’s moving to mobile.

Specifically, LocalResponse says it will be now be able to combine its data with SmartCircular’s to deliver relevant ads to consumers when they’re actually in the store. So when LocalResponse detects that someone has checked into a store, it can dynamically generate an ad using up-to-date product information and offers (which can be redeemed at the checkout counter) from SmartCircular. The partnership will also allow retailers to deliver personalized offers on Twitter.

Kathy Leake, LocalResponse’s co-founder and president, says that the partnership should help retailers deliver more relevant ads, which in turn should “significantly increase in-store redemptions and purchases that may not have occurred otherwise.”