A Wide Variety Of iPhone 5 Cases Are Now Available, All Show A Taller, More Slender iPhone Is Coming

Anyone want an iPhone 5 case? A bunch of manufacturers are currently taking orders and shipping nearly every style from cheap silicon sleeves to hard shell Hello Kitty cases. All of them feature a design taller than that of the iPhone 4S and most of them make room for a smaller dock connector.

As the next iPhone approaches, Apple will start handing out specs to trusted accessory makers. That could have already happened. After all, this move is a standard operating procedure to ensure the phone launches with strong accessory support. But these cases are now available for purchase as long as buyers are willing to order them in bulk.

Alibaba currently lists several dozen cases listed as for the iPhone 5. As a b2b connecting platform, Alibaba serves as a marketplace for bulk items sold from a direct supplier. Want a thousand 15.5 gallon beer kegs? Click here. How about a cheap Android tablet? Or even a fleet of racing ATVs? Alibaba is where the brands and retailers go shopping and they can start stocking up on iPhone 5 cases now.

Leaked cases have long plagued Apple launches. They prematurely revealed the iPhone 4’s new design and the iPad 2’s larger speaker. Leaked cases revealed the iPod touch and nano were getting a camera.

The iPhone 5, or whatever it will be called, is rumored to launch this fall as early as September. And with cases already available, it will likely launch sooner versus later.