Squarespace Theme Editor And Blog Engine Goes HTML5, Aims At Code-Capable Designers

Squarespace makes it easy for design- (but not tech-) savvy users to build beautiful websites. The service has been around since 2003 but recently received a full overhaul called Squarespace 6. The resulting experience – a WYSIWYG system so complete that it may give pause to some code lovers out there – is quite amazing.

I sat down with CEO Anthony Casalena to talk about the new editor, the new platform, and what it means to create a fully-featured HTML editor in the browser.

You can check out the new experience here and you’ll find it to be smooth, feature-rich, and each individual theme can be saved as its own instance, allowing those who want to edit CSS and HTML to tweak and improve upon their sites.

The service costs $8 a month after a 14-day free trial and compared to what the company was calling Squarespace 5, it’s a definite improvement and an interesting new direction for the company.