LogEntries Raises $1M To Join The Big Data Log Management Crowd

Only today Loggly, a startup which helps big companies like Intuit track their application logs, raised $5.7 million in new funding. Loggly’s founding team came from IT search engine Splunk which has a downloadable solution and IPO’d this year.

And like another well funded competitor Sumo Logic it has a web server to interrogate log files so that customers don’t have to buy servers and pay those pesky engineers.

But as of today there’s a new kid on the block: LogEntries, which has today announced a $1.1m round led by Polaris Venture Partners, RRE Ventures and Dublin firm Frontline Ventures and backed up by Enterprise Ireland.

The real-time search solution works across the entire software stack was founded by Dr. Trevor Parsons and Dr. Viliam Holub. Its built-in intelligence layer proactively alerts users about system errors and remedy options in advance of system crashes. It also plugs into Heroku. Built from the ground up by a high-tech academic team rather than the Splunk-in-the-cloud approach, it was spun out of University College Dublin after working with IBM.

The company which has been working out of Polaris-backed Dogpatch Labs Europe in Dublin since last October and already claims to have several thousand users and hundreds of paying customers.

Noel Ruane, European Venture Partner with Polaris says the company has “rich IP manifested in a product so much more mature than the company itself.”

High praise from a VC, which you would of course expect, but with Ireland re-asserting itself as a tech-tiger economy lately you wouldn’t want to bet against guys like this.