Teamly Gets Backing From Early Yammer Designer To Make Employee Tracking Easier

With the likes of OneDrum being acquired by Yammer, and Yammer being acquired by Microsoft, and not to even mention the growth of Huddle, the world of software disruption inside businesses is pretty hot right now. Teamly has thus picked its timing well. Although it started out in 2010 with a product to create realtime staff performance streams for business, the startup has built out its product to the point where it’s attracted some interesting names as backers. Today it announces investor backing from Elliot Loh (an early designer of Yammer) and multiple enhancements to its SaaS product. We understand Teamly was already working on Yammer integration before Yammer was acquired and that Elliot Loh invested after the MSFT deal with Yammer. Makes sense. Teamly has raised $100,000 to date and is working on a $500,000 round now.

As well as the investment from Dave McClure’s fund, Teamly is announcing angel investments from Elliot Loh, one of the early designers at Yammer when it was part of Geni, and Ayaz ul Haque, a VC partner at Exalt Capital Partners and a former Managing Director at DFJ ePlanet Ventures.

The startup is now much more broadly targeted at being a tool for employees and business managers to “raise their performance”, and completes the 500 Startups accelerator programme tomorrow.

Competing against the likes of Rypple, iDoneThis, WorkSimple, and Thinkfuse (acquired last month by Salesforce), Teamly recognises that many people who end up managing teams never really wanted that role, so Teamly helps them work out who on the team is hitting objectives, thus saving time on emails, reports and meetings.

Co-founder and CEO Scott Allison says his international team has built a product which, he says, already appeals to users outside North America and that user numbers are growing steadily.

The new Teamly adds a new UI, a news stream, email integration, mobile access, and publishing of accomplishments and “report cards” to Yammer. Yes folks, Big Brother Business will now be watching you…