Marissa Mayer: The First Ever Pregnant CEO Of A Fortune 500 Tech Company?

Talk about a big news day. Marissa Mayer, who was just appointed to be the new CEO of Yahoo (her first day on the job is tomorrow), has announced that she is a pregnant and due to give birth to a boy in October 2012. She gave the news exclusively to Fortune, but word starting spreading like wildfire seconds after it went public.

We’re still doing some digging, but from the looks of this it could be a major first. Is there another time that a CEO of a publicly traded Fortune 500 technology company has been pregnant? Female CEOs at public tech companies are incredibly rare, but for them to be 30-something is even rarer. So from the start Mayer was standout, but it’s hard to think of a time when a CEO of a major listed tech company has gone on maternity leave. It could certainly be a trailblazing turn.

The 37-year-old Mayer has been married to entrepreneur and Founders’ Den managing partner Zack Bogue for several years now, so it makes sense for them to add to their family at this point.

Anyway, enough gossip about tech execs’ personal lives. This kind of coverage doesn’t happen with males, I know, but surely anyone would recognize that Mayer is breaking some new ground here. So, mazel tov to Bogue and Mayer. It’s exciting and inspiring to see people who are working incredibly hard in their professional lives while also having growth on the personal side, too.

Feature photo of Marissa Mayer at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2012