“Leaked” iPhone 5 Front Casing Shows Centered FaceTime Camera

Another day, another leak.

On Friday we saw what was reported to be an iPhone 5 prototype unit, and today an entirely different version of the “iPhone 5” casing has found its way on to the interwebs. Oddly enough, this latest leak looks an awful lot like images of iPhone 5 parts published by 9to5mac.

Of course, it’s possible that none of these leaks are the real thing, but it sure does help pass the time until Apple hops on stage in October. The latest leak comes by way of a Chinese site called Apple.pro who seemingly found the images on Photobucket. No one working at Apple would post a picture of the iPhone 5 on Photobucket, though that’s not to say that someone in the supply chain didn’t snap a pic or two.

Either way, I’m approaching this leak as I have all the others — with a massive salt shaker.

There are two “leaked” cases here: one white and one black. They show that the front-facing camera for video chat has been centered above the speaker grill. This matches up splendidly with images shown by 9to5mac, especially since this image also shows a taller screen with the same exact width and bezels as the iPhone 4/4S.

We’ve heard previously that the next-gen iPhone will have an aluminum (or metal) back panel, matching up more uniformly with the iPad and other Apple products. TechCrunch has also exclusively confirmed that the usual 30-pin dock will be replaced with a 19-pin mini connector. And lest we forget, a 4.08-inch display is also expected. Macotokara reports that production on the iPhone 5 has already begun, so we should see this bad boy no later than October, if not earlier.

Here is a larger version of this latest leak:

And here’s that 9to5mac pic that seems to line up: