BV Capital Rebrands To e.Ventures, An Early-Stage VC Firm With A Global Footprint

It’s been a good 15 years or so for BV Capital, early stage venture capital firm that was founded back in 1998. But it now will be going by a new name — e.Ventures — with a renewed emphasis on the global footprint it has amassed over the years beyond its San Francisco headquarters.

Up until now, the people behind BV have operated a total of five different funds worldwide — in the US, Europe, Asia, Russia, and South America — each under a different name. Going forward they will all be under the e.Ventures umbrella, a rebranding aimed at bringing more public cohesion to its operations.

e.Ventures has $750 million total under management, with dedicated funds in five regions: The United States, which will now be called “BV,” Western Europe, which will be called “ Europe,” Eastern Europe which will go by “ Russia,” Asia which will be called “Infinity,” and Brazil which will be known as “Redpoint” through a joint venture with Redpoint.

There are already 75 firms in e.Ventures’ portfolio, and its more high-profile investments have included Groupon, Angie’s List,, and GoToMyPC. e.Ventures has a staff of about 30 in total, with 11 partners worldwide. Each of its 5 funds has a dedicated local investment team on the ground.

We sat down with e.Ventures co-founder and managing partner Mathias Schilling to hear more about the new name and how e.Ventures plans to leverage its worldwide operations. Watch the video embedded below to hear about why e.Ventures believes the world really is flat when it comes to entrepreneurship, what e.Ventures looks for in startups, how the global economy might affect the startup ecosystem, and more.