Can You Pronounce Huawei?


Never mind that this is clearly an ad agency video; it’s clever. And smart. After all Huawei has big plans for the U.S. market.

“We’re not known to the general public,” James Jiang, vice president of product and marketing for Huawei, said at CTIA last October. “We’re taking the initiative to build a name for us.” The Chinese mobile company is a major supplier of white label cell phones with a major chunk of its products co-branded by a wireless carrier or 3rd party. But speaking at CTIA, Jiang revealed Huawei plans on being a top 5 mobile brand in the U.S within the next three years. That would put Huawei among the likes of Samsung, LG, Apple, Motorola, and HTC — an impressive goal to say the least.

Huawei is making moves towards this objective, too. Its latest hardware is impressive even if it’s not yet headed to U.S. stores. What’s more, the company recently announced plans to move its North American R&D headquarters from Plano, Texas to Santa Clara, Calif. and add 500 new employees to its workforce. Setting up shop in the heart of Silicon Valley says Huawei is ready to compete, but it’s equally important to make sure U.S. citizens know how to say the company’s name. It’s ‘wah-way,’ in case you were wondering.