Want To Know How Much More You Could Earn? Adzuna Launches Free ‘Market Insight’ Tool For Jobseekers

It’s always nice to see when a startup cracks open its data treasure trove — knowledge is power after all. And Adzuna, the ‘next generation’ classified search engine, has done just that in the form of its new ‘Market Insight’ tool that gives jobseekers in the UK free access to salary trends across many job sectors. Want to know what the average technology journalist earns per-year, for example? (OK, I looked) — Adzuna’s new offering has you covered.

In addition, the startup, whose founders hail from Gumtree, Zoopla and Qype, is one year old this week (nicely timed PR!), and claims just over half a million monthly unique visitors in the UK, with 2 million ads indexed (giving it over 90% market coverage, apparently). It credits this growth to its social approach to classified search via its Adzuna Connect and Friend Map which lets users find a job, car or home with help from their social graph.

The new and free ‘Market Insight’ tool is designed to help jobseekers make better career decisions by offering things like historical salary trends, pay comparisons, vacancy maps, and company hiring patterns. The available data compromises more than one million job title and location combinations — the kind of market data previously only available to large corporations due to its expense, says Adzuna.

A few interesting stats pulled from the available UK data-set: technology journalists make on average £31,800 p.a., 9% less than fashion journos (luckily, our own Alexis Tsotsis has both covered); the average salary for Google employees is on average 5% more than Microsoft; 25% of startups currently hiring in London are offering stock to employees up front; and London Ruby developer wages have increased from £43k in January to £46k in June (ouch!).

Moving forward, Adzuna says it has plans for international expansion in 2012 as it aims to become a global player. “We’re not afraid to enter the US with our product (in fact we’re excited about it!) and we’re doing all of this from sleepy Clapham and with a team of ten”, says co-founder Andrew Hunter.