HTML5 Keeps Growing: Users Have Built One Million HTML5 Sites On Wix In The Past Three Months, a Flash and HTML5 publishing platform, announced today that users have built over one million sites using their HTML5 tools since March. Wix, which began offering Flash tools in 2008, did not launch its HTML5 builder, which is still in beta, until late March.

Director of Communications Eric Mason tells us that most Wix users only make one website, meaning they have had nearly one million unique users in the past three months. With more than 20 million users overall, Wix allows users with no coding knowledge to build websites from over 170 templates in Flash or HTML5.

“What’s interesting is that we’re putting Flash and HTML5 side by side and allowing users to choose,” Mason says. “And many are picking HTML5.”

The demand for HTML5 websites continues to grow. In a January survey of technology executives from over 100 Fortune 500 companies, 74% said they were considering HTML5 implementation.

“It’s one thing to have big sites developing on HTML,” Mason tells us. “It’s another to have every day people using it.”

Mason tells us that the “lion’s share” of the users use only the free components of Wix. He adds that Wix will be releasing a number of product advancements in the next few months.

“No one else is doing a full, launched HTML5 editor like this,” Mason says. “This gives us a massive head start and we have an ear to our client base and a great feedback loop. We’re learning from what people want and trying to build those capabilities into an infrastructure that will last for people for the next decade.”