Songza Brings Its Core Feature, Concierge, To Android

Songza has long been one of my favorite music apps, and as an iPhone user, I’ve had access to all the latest and greatest features within it. But as I’ve mentioned the app to various friends and such, I’ve learned that Android has been missing out. But no more.

Songza’s core feature — Concierge — is now available within the Android version of the app. The update is now live, so if you’re interested in checking it out, go ahead and download the update.

Concierge, if you aren’t already familiar with it, takes all the work out of finding the music you’re looking for. Rather than hunting through the Genres or Activities tab, Concierge knows what kind of device you’re on, your preferences, and combines that information with the day and the time.

So for example, on Saturday late at night, Songza will offer up activities like a Sweaty Dance Party or Getting Naked, whereas the service will offer up something like Working Out or Summertime on a Tuesday afternoon. After filtering that activity, you’re a click away from a playlist.

But Concierge isn’t the only thing coming to Songza’s Android app. The company has also revamped the app to be completely compatible with Android 4.0, meaning that the same look and feel of the ICS UI will be present on both 4.0 devices and earlier.

Past that, Android users will be able to control volume and other settings from the lock screen and/or headphones as opposed to opening up the app.

Songza just recently launched an iPad app, which was featured in the App Store, and saw over 1 million downloads in ten days. Clearly the service is picking up even more momentum.

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