Now With Sound — Social Collections Platform Booklets Integrates With SoundCloud

Booklets, the ‘social collections’ platform that enables users to create and share HTML5-powered collections of text, images and — now — sound, has added integration with neighbouring SoundCloud (both startups are headquartered in Berlin).

In addition, a new private sharing feature has been unveiled, making it possible to share collections with select friends-only.

Targeting both consumers and companies, Booklets provides a browser-based tool that makes it easy for anybody to present any kind of information in a visually attractive layout. The resulting ‘booklets’ play well with mobile devices in particular, thanks to their HTML5 underpinnings. Examples cited include “a song booklet for a band, a look book for designers, private holiday memories or a gallery catalogue”.

Overall, the startup is tapping into a trend to make the Web more beautiful, thanks to the latest browser and hardware technologies which create new possibilities — think: tablets, for example — and a greater emphasis on design that in turn is driving consumer expectation.

Since the service launched in private beta in April this year, users have created just over 400 collections, which are designed to be shared via QR code, SMS, URL, and through various social networks.

Booklets was founded in July 2011 by Michael v. Roeder, Dominik Faber, and Paul Meinhard. It’s funded to the tune of €500k.