Virtual Currency Monetization Company Sponsorpay Gets 32M Uniques In June, 300% Mobile Growth This Year

Sponsorpay, a leading cross-platform mobile app monetization and user acquisition company, told us today that they have seen 300% growth in mobile business since January of 2012.

Janis Zech, co-founder and chief revenue officer, also said Sponsorpay had 32 million unique visitors on mobile products in the month of June. While declining to share the exact user growth rate, Zech said there has been a faster growth rate for users than for the mobile platform revenues.

Zech explained that his company’s focus on their core products, particularly their focus on Android, has brought this increase. He drew a contrast between this focus and some of his competitors’—mainly Tapjoy and Flurry—more diversified efforts.

He also pointed to the company building out a network and forming strong partnerships with developers as integral to this increase.

“Our main goal is becoming the leading value-exchange advertising company on Android,” Zech said. “We have a lot of new products in the pipeline to drive more value to each stakeholder.”

Sponsorpay has released a tablet-optimized offer wall (already available on iPad and Kindle Fire, for now) with fully customizable ad inventory for developers from their desktop and mobile offers.

The company is looking ahead to launch new products, such as a value-exchange video product that will generate revenue for cost per view and cost per engagement for iOS in late quarter three or early quarter four this year.

“With the products we run right now, we have enough room to foster growth for the company for the next 12 months,” Zech tells us. “To be honest I don’t even know what will be the next product after this one.”

He added that a new product must make Sponsorpay $30-60 million to make it worth the investment.