Secure Your Retina MacBook With The MacLocks Lock Cable

If you’re the average Joe, you don’t let your Retina MacBook out of your sight. But what if you’re an IT guy with a fleet of these things to secure on a client site? What to do?

MacLocks has just launched a locking case for the Retina MacBook, allowing folks to snap down their laptops almost anywhere. The case actually envelops the MacBook and the looped cable then fits over a table leg or pillar.

To throw in a little added value, the MacBook Retina lock also elevates the MBP a bit, to help with the laptop cool down. Unfortunately, the skin adds about a pound when you’re using both the bottom and top portion together as a shell.

Ever since Apple stopped adding laptop lock ports to their MacBooks, locking these puppies up has been harder and harder. Arguably not many care to lock down their workstations on the road – it’s too much of a hassle, man! – but it’s nice to see someone is thinking about the cautious among us.

The new Retina MacLock is available now for $69.95.

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