Unmetric Scores The Virality Of Brands’ YouTube Campaigns

Social benchmarking startup Unmetric just expanded its tools to include YouTube, giving brands a new way to measure the effectiveness of their video campaigns.

Of course, companies can already see plenty of stats about their videos — views, likes, and more. But Unmetric tries to synthesize all that data into a single score, and then shows how that score stacks up against competitors.

The company was already providing scores for Facebook pages and Twitter handles. On YouTube, Unmetric says it looks at 24 different metrics, including tags, views, comments, favorites, and ratings, then gives a channel a score between 0 and 100. Customers can also drill down on individual videos or on specific factors to see what they could be doing better. For example, Chevrolet (Unmetric score for May: 60) has uploaded 66 videos adding up to more than three hours of content, while Ford (Unmetric score: 43) has only uploaded four videos/six minutes, and Dodge (34) and Chrysler (35) only have four minutes between the two of them.

The company’s other YouTube features include the ability to compare the length of videos to see whether long or short videos lead to more videos and combining tags into a word cloud to see the types of content that seem to work.

Unmetric says it has already scored the YouTube channels of more than 1,750 brands. You can explore the results for here.