Don’t Expect To Use Instagram On The Nexus 7

For whatever reason, the Nexus 7 tablet lacks a rear-facing camera. This makes Google’s tablet incompatible with many Android camera apps including Instagram, a fact Asus recently confirmed to The Inquirer. According to Tim Smalley, digital marketing manager at Asus, Google Play will throw an error if an owner tries to add the app to their Nexus 7.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The Nexus 7 only features a front-facing 1.2MP camera primarily designed for video chatting and not taking pictures. The rear facing camera was probably axed as a cost-cutting measure. After all the Nexus 7 is only $200 but still manages to sport a Tegra 3 SoC and a 7-inch screen with an impressive 1280 x 800 resolution.

There’s probably an argument to be made that Instagram could default to the front-facing camera. But then again, this incompatibility is probably best for the human race. Taking pictures with tablets is dumb.