White House Will Take To Twitter To Answer Questions About SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling

The United States Supreme Court today voted to uphold the Affordable Care Act (informally referred to as Obamacare), the health care reform bill that will require nearly all Americans to have health insurance coverage. It’s a very, very big deal — and it’s apparent on social media sites that many Americans have very impassioned opinions about the ruling, both positive and negative. And lots of people out there just want to know what it all really means.

Well, the White House wants to clear up people’s questions and worries, 140 characters at a time. Today the Presidential administration announced it will hold a special session of White House “Office Hours” on Twitter.

The event will start at 4:30pm ET (1:30pm PT) with Jeanna Lambrew, who serves as the Deputy Assistant to the President for Health Policy, answering questions.

Per the White House’s press release, here is how the Twitter Q&A will work today:

  • Ask your questions now and during the live event on Twitter with the hashtag #WHChat

That’s not the only online outreach the White House has done — there is also a comprehensive overview of the act online, both at WhiteHouse.gov/HealthReform and HealthCare.gov. The administration has also posted President Obama’s address regarding the ruling on YouTube, posted its take on the news on the official White House blog, and — oh yes — there is even an infographic all drawn up to illustrate what it means with extra savvy.

Whether you agree with the Affordable Care Act or not, it’s very cool to see the most interesting conversations about it happening here on the web — where both the government leaders involved and just about anyone else can pitch in.

Official White House photo of President Obama tweeting by Pete Souza