Amazon Will Reportedly Launch A 10-Inch Quad-Core Tablet Alongside New Metal-Clad 7-Inch Fire

Amazon is said to be working on the next version of the Kindle Fire with more premium materials, including some type of metal casing. But perhaps even better (depending on your size preferences), the long-standing rumor that Amazon is allegedly working on a 10-inch tablet have resurfaced.

BGR reports that “Amazon is finally ready to move forward with the [10-inch] tablet.” General rumors include a quad-core processor and a higher quality screen than the original fire, along with the obvious size bump. But the original 7-inch Fire is also due for a revamp, and the same source reports a “chrome-look rib” in the brand new metal casing on the device’s back (which will replace the plastic soft-touch shell on first-gen models), and a thinner profile.

There is also talk of a front-facing camera, microUSB and HDMIout port on the 10-inch model, with no buttons to be seen on either device. BGR’s report claims that the tablets are “thinner versions of the iPad”, and if true, this could eventually ignite a patent war on a new front for both companies.

We’ve also recently heard that the new Fire will cost the same as the original, despite the spec bump, at $199, while the original Fire will get cut to $150. This is good news to both consumers and Amazon, as the ecommerce giant can afford to take a loss on hardware as long as it’s outweighed by digital content sales.

Rumors suggest that Amazon will announce the new tablets in late July, but that’s still unconfirmed.