Google’s Chrome For Android Comes Out Of Beta

Google just announced that its Chrome for Android browser is now out of beta and available for download on Google Play. This new version, with the memorable version number of 18.0.1025123, marks the first time Google has released a Stable Channel version of Chrome for Android. Just like before, of course, Google’s advanced mobile browser will only be available on devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and up.

Google also today announced that Chrome for Android will be the default browser on its new Nexus 7 tablet. This makes the Nexus the first Android device that will use Chrome as its default browser out of the box. Just about a year ago, our own MG Siegler wondered why Chrome wasn’t just a part of Android. It looks like he got his wish today.

Chrome for Android only launched in February and has seen quite a few upgrades since. The overall reception of the browser has been overwhelmingly positive.

Google hasn’t officially announced whether it plans to use the same kind of development process for Chrome for Android as it follows with Chrome on the desktop now that the mobile browser is out of beta. On the desktop, users can choose between three different channels (stable, beta and dev), as well as the very cutting-edge Canary channel. As for Chrome for Android, Google is just telling users to “stay tuned for more information.”