Google Adds Movie Purchases, TV Shows, And Magazines To Google Play

The Google Play store already had thousands of movies for rent, as well as millions of songs from major labels available for purchase. It also had a pretty extensive collection of e-books — the largest in the industry, Google claims. But it’s bringing even more content to its Google Play store, with the added availability of movie purchases, TV shows, and magazines on Android devices.

That includes the ability to purchase movies — not just rent them — and have them available whenever users want to view them. In addition to movies, Google Play is adding TV shows, allowing users to purchase individual episodes or even full seasons of their favorite shows. While e-books have been popular, Google Play didn’t previously offer access to magazine titles, but it’s changing that through partnerships with some major magazine publishers.

Altogether, Google is doing that with help from content partners that include Disney, ABC Studios, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Paramount, Hearst, and Conde Nast.