Google Glass Explorer Edition Available For Pre-Order At Google I/O, $1,500 And Shipping Next Year

Google Glass is real and will soon be shipping. Sergey Brin just took the stage at Google I/O, won the Internet with an amazing skydiving demo of the device and then announced that Google Glass is available for pre-ordering. Named Glass Explorer Edition, it’s available to those at Google I/O and costs a whopping $1,500. Plus, the device will not ship until next year. But Google Glass is real. This is big.

Google spent about 30 minutes explaining and showing off Google Glass at today’s I/O keynote. But it was strange. The presentation wasn’t as polished as the keynote’s other events. It felt off the cuff. As Sergey explained at the end of the event, Google still doesn’t know all the use cases of Google Glass. The company is still building not only the product, but also the philosophy behind Glass. That’s why Google is making Glass available to those that really love Google. It needs help.

Right now Glass Explorer Edition is only for the US and the device is only available for pre-order by I/O attendees. Sergey explained that there are some regulatory issues to resolve prior to International shipping.