Android Reaches 400 Million Device Activations, Adds 1 Million Per Day

Here are some big numbers for Google’s Android platform out of the company’s developer conference today in San Francisco: Android has seen 400 million device activations and is adding 1 million per day. That’s up from the 100 million number the company announced last year around the same time.

That’s 12 new Android devices every second, said Hugo Barra, who serves as a product management director of Android at Google.

How does that compare to Apple’s iOS platform? Well, earlier this month, Apple said it had cumulatively sold 365 million devices. Although we don’t know the active installed base of both platforms, this presumably makes Android’s footprint larger — especially since its growth spurt has been more recent.

Barra also pointed out Android’s growth in developing countries like Brazil and India where it is more affordable and accessible compared to other smartphone platforms.