Huddle Takes Its Enterprise Collaboration Tech To Tablets With New iPad App

Huddle, the London- and San Francisco-based company that makes enterprise cloud collaboration software for the enterprise, this morning rolled out a brand new native iPad app.

Huddle for iPad has the features you’ve probably come to expect from the best of such apps: Automatic syncing with your desktop Huddle account, the capability to have online and offline access to certain documents, email integration, and integration with other relevant apps such as Google QuickOffice and Fileboard. It also brings for the first time Huddle’s predictive intelligence and content discovery features to the iPad, which Huddle co-founder Andy McLoughlin explains like this:

“In an ideal world, we won’t have to exert the effort of searching the internet for the things we want because the internet will automatically deliver what we want to us, when we need it… When technology can predict all the content a worker will need and delivers it to all the workers’ devices without the need to search, productivity skyrockets—and when a worker discovers a useful file that a colleague across the world has created based on an intelligent recommendation, true collaboration is born. Suddenly all the content a worker may want is right at their fingertips, right when they want it.”

According to Huddle co-founders McLoughlin and Alastair Mitchell, the new Huddle for iPad is a response to just how common it has become for people to use iPads for work purposes. The mobile worker population is estimated to reach some 1.3 billion by 2015 according to analysis firm IDC, so bringing Huddle to as many mobile devices as possible certainly makes sense.

We sat down with Mitchell and McLoughlin here in our San Francisco TechCrunch TV studio to hear more about the iPad debut, how Huddle is growing with its latest $24 million Series C funding round, their thoughts on the Microsoft/Yammer deal and the larger enterprise collaboration landscape, and more. Check it out: