Backup Box Makes Switching Between Cloud Storage Services Easy, Now Also Supports Google Drive

Chances are, you have quite a bit of data on your favorite cloud storage service by now. But with the recent changes in this space, especially with Google and Microsoft making a push to compete with startups like Dropbox, what happens if you decide to switch to a different service? Moving data between different backup and cloud storage services is usually a manual and slow task, but that’s where Backup Box comes in. What started as basic tool for moving data from an FTP server to Dropbox has now become a fully-featured backup and data transfer service with support for FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, MySQL, and – starting today – Google Drive.

Since its launch, the company, which is based in Edmonton, Canada, has already moved over 12 million files, as BackupBox’s founder Eric Warnke told me earlier this week. Even without a major marketing push, the company is now growing rapidly and getting to the point where it is moving a million files every three days.


What’s especially nice about the service is how flexible it is. Want to use it to switch cloud storage providers? No problem. You can also use it to regularly make a backup of your website and store it on Dropbox. Or maybe you just want to use it to keep a copy of ¬†your data on two different cloud storage services.

You are obviously still limited by how much data you can store in your individual accounts. Some services, including SkyDrive, also limit the size of the files you can store in them. As for its Dropbox support, though, Warnke also noted that there are no API limits to how much data you can transfer.

Starting today, you will be able to move data in and out of Google Drive with Backup Box and the team plans to add support for other services, including SugarSync, in the near future.

All of that convenience, of course, doesn’t come for free. Users with free accounts can make 10 transfers per month and transfer up to 1 GB per transfer. Paid accounts start at $10/month for unlimited transfers and a 25 GB/month transfer limit. Backup Box also offers a $99/month plan with a 500 GB transfer limit.