Fit Of Passion Lets You Buy Jeans Online… That Fit

Back at the Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt New York this year, we discovered an awesome Israel-based startup called Brayola, which uses bras that ladies already own to help them find perfect-fitting bras online.

But it would appear that a similar idea has been executed in a much more gender-blind and mainstream form. Fit Of Passion, a company we met at the Philly TechCrunch Mini Meetup, uses information you put in about jeans you already own to help you find and buy jeans online that actually fit.

Founder Evgeny Pogorelov, or more casually Ev, says that Fit Of Passion sources the physical garment measurements, knowing that certain brands may be stretchier than others, or that Levi’s happen to run long. Knowing this, Fit Of Passion can take the information you give it to sift through its database and find you jeans with the perfect level of snugness.

You start by filling in your favorite jeans, the brand, model and size. Then you show how closely they fit in certain areas of your body like your butt, waist, and ankles. Once you’ve created your digital closet, Fit Of Passion churns out all kinds of new and familiar brands to let you discover new jeans and save time by purchasing online.

The startup is still in beta, looking to bring on more brand partners, and as such, the service is still invite only.

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