The Knut Is A Web-Enabled Monitor For Everything

If you’re headed away this summer, leave the Knut behind to keep and eye on things. This small, Wi-Fi-capable widget can transmit various measurements to your iPhone anywhere in the world.

The Knut is a Kickstarter project by Richard Pasek and Jay Gondelman in Boston. They’re looking for $80 per Knut and it has various sensors built in as well as functional sensors for various other measurements.

Knut has a high accuracy temperature sensor and a battery level sensor built in. If you want to monitor more than just temperature, you can connect an external sensor or multiple sensors using the 3-port hub. Currently we have functional humidity, vibration, door, water proof temperature, and water presence sensors.

They’ve surpassed their $25,000 goal so these things will definitely ship. The real questions is how people will use this to monitor their basements, humidors, and elephant paddocks.

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