Moredays Brings A Digital Journal, Scrapbook & Calendar To iPhone

Moredays, a very pretty digital calendar/scrapbooking app has just arrived on the iPhone. The app had previously launched in iPad-only format last fall (where it was spotted in TechCrunch Disrupt SF’s Startup Alley). At the time, we described it as “a journaling app combined with a diary app” that also had a “nice interface.” The same holds true for the new, mobile-friendly version.

While attractive, the app’s core focus is kind of hard to describe. It’s a cross between several different applications, including a calendar, diary, scrapbook, and journal. You can use Moredays to record private moments or memories, take notes, or jot down thoughts. But even though its use case is hard to pin down, you could say the same for your trusty Moleskine notebook. Consider this, then, the digital counterpart.

As the company explains: “sometimes we’re a little unsure where a new item fits….You don’t have to know whether you are creating an event, task, contact or note. Just record your thoughts freely and get back to the later when you have enough time and energy.” In other words, it’s a notepad replacement. But with a paper notebook, input is limited to pen or pencil (unless you tape things onto its pages). The Moredays app, however, allows you to import photos or decorate your entry with stamps (colorful icon badges), which give each post a little more flair.

Co-founder and CEO Filip Molcan says the company has not done any marketing until now (unless you count Disrupt, I guess), but they currently have 30,000 active users. That’s not downloads, to be clear – it’s people who are actually using the app. Given how “pretty” it is, it’s not surprising that more of the users are women. Molcan says that over 50% are women, often mothers with children.

The company is currently bootstrapped and is working towards reaching 100,000 users by year-end, at which point the plan is to introduce a freemium model and the ability to order your year’s diary as printed book of your photos and sketches. Molcan also says that now that the app is on web, iPad and iPhone, they’re starting work on an Android version.

The funny thing is that I’ve been looking for something exactly like this – and yes, I fit the demographic. I’ve been making occasional use of Path’s ability to make private posts to record little observations and moments I didn’t want to forget, but didn’t feel necessary to share. But Path doesn’t feel like the right tool for doing that – and there’s no easy way to flip back to those moments. Moredays is a better fit. And since the kid has taken off with my iPad, having an iPhone version means I can finally give this one a shot.

You can download the new Moredays apps from here.