Mobile Meetup App Uberlife Redesigns To Make Planning Events And Meeting Friends Easier

Uberlife is a mobile app that was created to help users join meetups with and get to know new, like-minded individuals. We first covered Uberlife in January when the app was still in alpha. It officially launched in March, just ahead of SXSW. Since then, the team has been hard at work taking some of what it’s learned from the first 12 weeks and refining the app to make it easier to meet up with friends and make new connections by letting them know where you are and will be.

For one thing, the app has streamlined the process for posting hangout plans. Before users had to fill out a big long form to post events that they would be attending, but now the process of creating an event takes just three steps. That will make it easier for users to set up more casual events and meetups. Since Uberlife is intended to allow for more spontaneous get-togethers, users no longer have to enter in specific dates and times when creating a new event — instead, they can choose to meet up “in 5 minutes,” “this afternoon,” “later tonight,” and other non-specific times.

While Uberlife was founded with the idea of helping users meet new people at social events around them, a number of people wanted to use it to socialize just with their friends. So the app now has allows users to invite their friends and create hangouts only visible to their friends. It’s also removed a limit to the number of people that they can invite.

And since its users frequently travel, Uberlife also expanded their ability to plan meetups in locations outside of their own cities or neighborhoods. Previously, users were only able to schedule local meetups — but the ability to let friends and acquaintances know when users would be visiting from out of town was a big request for the Uberlife team.

All that said, Uberlife is still positioned to help community members meet up with like-minded people that they’re not already friends with. Founder Sanchita Saha had also founded, and still believes that there needs to be a platform for meeting new people. As a result, the team is looking to add more updates to advance that use case as time goes on. That will include a list of suggested users and the ability to follow venues to get an alert when events are happening.