Eventbrite Expands In Europe, With Localized Online Ticket Sales For Germany And The Netherlands

Eventbrite has been on a roll lately, doubling the number of events and tickets sold in 2011. Part of that growth has come through increased international usage, but most users around the world can only access the service through the English-language Eventbrite.com site. Well, it’s changing that with localized sites throughout Europe, including the latest two markets, Germany and the Netherlands.

Earlier this week, Eventbrite announced that it surpassed $1 billion in total sales, with events in more than 170 countries worldwide. And while nearly 20 percent of its business comes from the U.S., English-speaking countries still rule: The top five countries that it operates in includes the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands.

In order to reach a worldwide audience, Eventbrite has been localizing sites for international markets, rolling them out in the local language and integrating with local payment systems. To that end, it has launched www.eventbrite.de and www.eventbrite.nl, to reach German and Dutch speakers, respectively. It’s also integrated with most major payment methods used by German and Dutch users, with the exception of ELV in Germany and iDEAL in the Netherlands. (Eventbrite promises it’s working on changing that…)

While users around the world can still connect through the Eventbrite.com site, it now has localized versions, including support for local currency and payments systems, in 10 countries. That includes local sites for Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, France, as well as a French Canadian site.