Cloth, The Outfit App, Will Dress You For The Weather

We talked about Cloth a few months ago when they launched. It’s essentially a place to store your outfits. Did you create a beautiful, backless shirt/shiny harem pants ensemble to wear while roller-blading? Cloth lets you store the specifics and a photo of yourself in that outfit for later perusal. Pretty basic and pretty cool.

Not content to rest on their tulle, creators, Wray Serna and Seth Porges, have just connected their app to Wunderground to gather weather data for the days you shoot an outfit. Then, when you go back to the app, you can do a quick search to find outfits that match the current weather.

“Essentially we’re with to use real-time location-based weather data to pull the best outfits for your current conditions. In all: It’s pretty awesome,” said Porges.

The app is now free but the weather feature costs 99 cents to unlock inside the app. Porges said they also teamed with Aviary to offer advanced photo-editing tools for their users.


The site stores all images locally although you can share outfits on

The new app is available now. Get your gold lame shoes and purple sleevless shift read, because you’re ready for your close up.

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