Google+ Opens Its API To Flipboard, Users Will See Google+ Integration Soon

Google+ honcho Bradley Horowitz announced one more Google+ partner at LeWeb today, tablet news app Flipboard. Flipboard joins Buddy Media, Hootsuite, Context Optional, Hearsay Social, Involver and Vitrue as a Google+ “trusted” partner.

The API will soon allow Flipboard users to Google+ comment on and +1 Flipboard items, in addition to sending individualized pieces of content to Google+ Circles. “It works like it should,” said Horowitz, “Flipboard has done an amazing job. ”

Google+ has been infamously slow in opening its API to the public, so this is a small, but monumental baby step in the history of the product. When asked what was taking them so long, Horowitz was defensive, “We squeezed a decade of social networking history into 11 months.”

So will it be a year before they have a full public API? We’re assuming that Google will probably announce an exact date for all access at Google i/o, instead of (yet) another partner.