Nokia’s PureView 808 To Make Its U.S. Debut On Amazon, Complete With $699 Price Tag

Nokia US chief Chris Weber recently reaffirmed that Lumia smartphones will eventually get a helping of Nokia’s impressive PureView imaging technology, but a new post on the Nokia Conversations blog points to another option for mobile photographers itching for a PureView fix.

The company has recently announced that the charmingly chunky Pureview 808 will soon make its U.S. debut on, with pre-orders for the Symbian-powered device set to kick off later this week.

As with most unlocked devices, you can expect the 808 to come with a hefty price tag — specifically, the device will sell for $699 when it hits Amazon’s digital shelves. This isn’t the first time Nokia and Amazon have partnered up to sell some pricey gear, as the prohibitively expensive Lumia 800 bundle immediately springs to mind. And of course, it’s up to you to provide your own wireless service for the device, and it’s worth noting it will only play nicely with AT&T’s 3G bands so T-Mobile customers will have to make do with a piddling EDGE connection.

Then again, it’s not as though too many people will have to worry about network compatibility. The 808’s much-vaunted 41MP sensor and CD quality recording are wonderful things to have, but a thick body and a slowly-dying operating system (not to mention that price) mean that the device will only appeal to a highly specialized subset of mobile nerds. Then again, it may prove to be quite the collector’s item for the hardcore Nokia enthusiast, so who am I to judge?