Klout: We’ve Delivered 700K Perks Across 350 Campaigns

Do Klout Perks — where brands can offer special goods and services to users with the right Klout scores — work? Well, Klout is releasing some numbers suggesting that the program has considerable momentum.

The company says it has been about two years since it launched the Klout Perks program in July 2010. Since then, it has delivered 700,000 perks in more than 350 campaigns. More than 300 brands have participated, including Disney, Microsoft, HBO, American Express, Chili’s, Chevy, Spotify, and Gilt And customers seem happy with their Perks, giving them an average customer satisfaction rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

None of those numbers exactly demonstrate whether Perks is doing what it’s supposed to do, namely build brand awareness by reaching the most influential consumers. Still, the numbers suggest that there’s real brand interest. Another sign of how the program is evolving: Klout says this will be the first month it offers a different Perk for 30 consecutive days.

As for what comes next, Klout says it will be improving “every aspect of Perks.” Specifically, it says there will be better ways for brands to target influencers and higher quality standards for Perks.