Lands Series A Funding To Organise Documents, Automatically For The People

Paper continues to be a problem inside organisations. we just can’t seem to get rid it despite all these computers. And organising it is annoying. hopes to solve the problem by organising documents with a cloud-based service.

It’s now launched its public beta on OS X and announced a Series A round which takes the companies total funding to $10m. Plus, an app for the Windows 8 Store is close to final approval and mobile apps for iOS and Android. A Google Docs integration, will come in the next few weeks. automatically collects documents from your hard drive as well as from online services such as your email account via IMAP integration to allow importing of documents from attachments. Documents are via Optical Character Recognition, keywords, date extraction, and organised into such as people, company, place and document type. Files are backed up with OAuth 2.0 authentication and version control

We caught up with founder Frank Thelan at the Founders conference in New York.