The Aviator Travel Jib Could Be The Amateur Film Maker’s BFF

The cost of entry into the world of film is constantly dropping. A new Kickstarter project from Nice Industries called The Aviator is attempting to bring it even lower. The product is a portable, low-cost camera jib that, as the Kickstarter page explains, when mounted, allows for cinematic, sweeping camera scenes. The compact kit is designed for cameras weighing up to 6 lbs. That should cover most DLSRs even with a hefty lens.

The project already hit its Kickstarter funding goal of $20,000, but it’s still worth a look. This project, like so many others on the site, shows how a product can bypass the typical nonsense and hit the market by simply getting enough pre-orders.

The Aviator is currently available through several Kickstarter funding levels. Pledge $299 and net just the travel jib and not all the extras — there are only four of these remaining as of this post’s writing. For $399 supporters will get the Aviator travel jib along with a bunch of pertinent accoutrements. Feeling frisky? Spend $799 and get a carbon fiber edition that weighs even less.

So now with The Aviator, film makers just need to add a camera, a bit of talent, and plenty of vision to take a quality shot.