Does 41MP In A Camera Matter? Nokia’s PureView Pitted Against The 4S, HTC One X

Several months Nokia broke the mold and stuffed a 41MP sensor into phone. Called the 808 PureView Nokia claims it has the best optics in the smartphone world. The initial test shots are great. But CNET took it one step farther and just posted several telling comparison shots against the iPhone 4S and the HTC One X. So how does it compare? Welcome to the future, everyone. The water is crystal clear.

As Devin explained previously, the PureView uses the massive imaging sensor in an unconventional manner. In short it’s not producing massive, 41MP files for print, but rather using the huge amount of data to compile an impressive shot. It clearly works. Look for yourself here. In nearly all of CNET’s tests, low-light, action, outdoors, and macro, the Nokia PureView walked away victoriously.

Unfortunately the PureView technology is currently locked into a Symbian Belle smartphone and is not officially headed to the US. However, Nokia did commit several times to bringing the technology the Lumia Windows Phone line, but Nokia has to weather a massive storm first. As long as Nokia survives, which it should, the PureView technology will give Windows Phones a legitimate selling point against iOS and Android.