Updated My Xbox Live App Brings Android Into The Mix, Adds iPhone-Only Remote Control Feature

Microsoft threw some of us for a loop when they launched the Metro-fied My Xbox Live app for iOS late last year, as it was the first time Xbox Live support had officially made it to any mobile platform aside from Windows Phone.

Now, iOS is no longer alone in that respect — Android users can finally join in the fun, though that fun is currently limited to poking around their Xbox Live profiles, sending messages to friends, and decking out their avatar in silly digital clothing.

iPhone owners (iPhowners?) can do all that too, but they’re also privy to an exclusive new feature — the ability to control their Xboxes directly from a new remote control interface. Sadly, iPad owners are left out of all the fun, which is made even more of a shame considering how darned nice the My Xbox Live experience was on that larger screen.

Neat stuff for sure, though to my dismay it appears that the X, Y, and B buttons aligned along the bottom of the app aren’t exactly equidistant from each other. I won’t go all Jesus Diaz on you (even though he’s absolutely right), but suffice it to say that some of you may be irrationally annoyed by looking at it.

Anyway, the app is still free and available in both the iOS and Android app stores right now.