Soundcloud Turns Up As An Expanded Tweet Partner For Audio

SoundCloud just revealed itself as an expanded tweets partner. SoundCloud’s HTML5 widget will show up in tweets that contain a SoundCloud url.

This means that Twitter cards will display a summary of SoundCloud sounds right inside a tweet allowing anyone to follow both the Soundcloud platform and any Soundcloud content creator directly within the expanded Tweet.

It’s significant for Soundcloud, since most of the other partners announced today were content partners like the NY Times, Wall Street Journal rather than media platform like Soundcloud. So far only images and video partners were announced as WWE, BuzzFeed, and TMZ on the image side, and BET, Lifetime, and Dailymotion for video.

Twitter announced today that Expanded Tweets will let users check out content directly from certain partners including MSNBC’s Breaking News, San Francisco Chronicle, Der Speigel, and TIME.

Expanded news-based Tweets show a preview of the headline and introduction, as well as the Twitter accounts of the publisher and writer.