RockYou Acquires Social Games Developer Ryzing, Moves to San Francisco

Social games company RockYou just announced that it has acquired developer Ryzing.

The two companies had already worked together on the game Bingo by Ryzing — the game has been available since early 2011, but RockYou took over as publisher through its Studio Partners program in January of this year.

The six-person Ryzing team, including CEO Manu Gambhir, will be joining RockYou. And the company is acquiring Bingo by Ryzing too, which it says has more than 75,000 daily active users. (AppData puts the number at 80,000.) In the announcement, RockYou CEO Lisa Marino says that the game’s model (where users can win real-world prizes through free sweepstakes drawings), combined with RockYou’s more ad-focused business, makes for a unique company: “Not only is real-money gaming superior in monetization to other types of game genres, it is also an accelerator for our ad monetization solutions, and ports well to mobile and other platforms.”

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. RockYou also announced that it’s moving offices from Redwood City, Calif., to the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.