Follow Today’s WWDC Action With This Interactive Bingo Board

Games (and alcohol) make everything better. With that thought, What Makes It Fun creates interactive Bingo boards for major internet events. Today’s card is of course themed for WWDC with games spots such as iTV, 3D Maps, and iPad Mini. We used to produce printable Apple Bingo boards ourselves, but this interactive board will certainly save several trees. Plus, you can randomize the tiles!

Our liveblog coverage kicks off at 1pm EDT/10am PDT after Peter Ha makes his way through the crowds at the Moscone Center. As with the rest of the Internet, we expect quite the dog and pony show today, with Apple not only announcing new notebooks but also the latest mobile and desktop operating systems, iOS 6 and Mountain Lion. So now, with this bingo game board, you might as well write off most of your workday. You’re not going to get any work done today.