Apple Updates Its Core & Pro Apps To Be Retina-Ready

The next generation MacBook Pro is coming, which Phil Schiller called the “most beautiful computer we’ve ever made,” and one of the biggest surprises is that the computer will, indeed, have a Retina Display. (Hooray!) But what good is a Retina Display without a little eye-candy, right? Which is why Apple also announced it’s updating its core applications to work with the new resolution.

The 15.4-inch display has a pixel density of 2880×1800, which is four times the number of pixels in the previous generation of MacBook Pro’s, cementing its status as the world’s highest-resolution notebook computer. The display looks like it’s glossy, but will have a “reduced glare,” Schiller claims.

All of Apple’s stock apps have been updated to support the new display, including Mail, Safari, iMovie and iPhoto. And already, we have jokes:

Pro applications like Aperature (4x resolutions on photos!) and Final Cut Pro (1080p video!) are being updated too. And it sounds like there are other third-party app updates in the works, too. Schiller rolled off several notable names, including Adobe (a new version of Photoshop), Autodesk (AutoCAD), and even Diablo III.

UPDATE: And the next-gen MacBook is shipping today!