Apple Quietly Kills The 17-inch MacBook Pro

Talk of the 17-inch MacBook Pro was strangely missing during Apple’s WWDC keynote today. But apparently there’s a good reason for it. Apple just axed the 17-inch MacBook Pro. Good night, sweet giant.

Introduced in 2006 the 17-inch MacBook pro was always a true mobile workstation. It generally shipped with the best standard specs and also the highest price. The fact that the 17-inch MacBook Pro was the least popular likely lead to its demise. During Apple’s last earnings call, it was announced that the 17-inch model only captured 1.7% of all Apple notebook sales in the preceding financial quarter.

For the immediate future Apple is going small with their notebook lineup. Starting with the MacBook Air, users will be able to pick up models ranging from 11- to 15-inches with the new Retina display likely targeting those that would have otherwise bought a 17-inch.