Experience Metro With Splashtop’s Android And iPad Windows 8 Metro Testbed App

Splashtop made waves (thankyouverymuch) in April when the mobile app company launched the Windows 8 Testbed Metro for the iPad. This iPad app allowed owners to experience the few highs and many lows of Windows 8 Metro. As Engadget put it then, it must be a bit uncomfortable for iPads, but it’s a very impressive app offering nearly all the functionality of Metro including the many multitouch swipe functions. And now it’s available for Android tablets, too.

The price is still the same: $49.99 but its current 50% off for an unspecified limited time. The app runs at a resolution of 1280 x 800 resolution and supports Android tabs ranging from seven to ten inches. Like its iPad counterpart the app supports Metro’s UI touch gestures allowing developers and consumers alike to experience most of Metro on their current devices.

Sure, it’s a bit pricy even at the $25 promotional price, but the app is fully functional even if it’s not as smooth as the real thing. If Windows 8 calls your name, it’s best to jump on the platform now. For most people Metro is not love at first sight. You have to learn to love Metro.

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