Revised ‘Campus 2’ Documents Shed More Light On Apple’s New Spaceship Building

Here’s a bit of Friday eye-candy for you. It was almost one year ago to the day that Steve Jobs appeared in front of the Cupertino City Council, pitching his vision of a visually striking, spaceship-esque Apple campus that would accomodate 12,000 employees.

Apple’s original set of plans for their new campus tore around the internet last August, and the city of Cupertino has just released the company’s fourth set of revised files that dive into a bit more detail than those that have already made the rounds.

Truth be told, not a whole lot has changed since the last time Apple submitted an updated set of documents back in March — more visual flourishes have been added to their floor plans, and the levels on their rendered images seem to have been tweaked — but Apple seems to have refined the approach they want to take with their sizable auditorium.

In the previous revision, Apple’s underground auditorium seemed to be housed in a large circular room connected to an adjoining circular room meant for hands-on product demos and general milling around:

That plan seems to have changed somewhat, as the auditorium now appears to be housed in a more conventional rectangular room on the campus’s Basement 2 level:

If everything goes according to schedule, Apple plans to move into the new facility in 2015 though they still plan keep their Infinite Loop complex as their corporate headquarters. That said, there’s no indication as to when their construction efforts will finally begin — they’ve got quite a bit to clear out as it happens — but there’s little question that Apple’s Campus 2 is going to be a sight to behold once it’s all done.

In the meantime though, feel free to pore through the rest of Apple’s architectural minutiae right here, but be warned — they’re PDFs, and large ones at that.